What Type of Content Helps You Build Your Audience?

What Type of Content Helps You Build Your Audience?

The reign of content has only just begun. We all know the importance of well-crafted content in establishing yourself online, but where does it come in with audience building – and how do you know which type of content to use?

The short answer is: it depends. Your business looks different from others in and out of your industry. 

The long answer? You can use the tools in your kit – audience demographics, tactical content creation, and industry partnerships – to build an audience with the right kind of content.

Understand Your Target Audience

You can’t build on something you know nothing about. Customer data is key in discovering how you can find your audiences where they are and choose the type of content that will gain their attention.

Learning the demographics of your audience members is a start. Ages, locations, careers, interests, and more are vital. But further than that, you also need a deep understanding  of how your audience interacts with all things internet.

Trying to reach zoomers? Use hashtags judiciously and be wary of Facebook. Looking to engage with small business owners and entrepreneurs? Make sure your strategy includes LinkedIn. Your understanding of your target audience is your key to building any audience.

An in-depth knowledge of your audience also means you can optimize content – we are not just talking about  search engine optimization (SEO), but optimizing content with the right tone, voice, look, and energy your users are craving. Make content they’ll actually enjoy, rather than media that will twirl across their feed and leave their minds immediately after.

Create Engaging Content

The first step is knowing your target audience, but the next step can be more challenging: creating engaging content. Engaging content looks different depending on your niche. A piece of content that sparks interest in audiences looking to buy a house is not the same as one directed toward 20-somethings trying to cook more meals at home. More than metrics alone, making content that creates conversions is an art form.

If you’re in charge of your content marketing strategy, use your resources. Take inspiration from brands and creators that are shining in your niche. Study the types of content they focus on – TikTok, podcasts, blog guest posts, catchy tweets – and see what works to drive your conversion rates. 

Even better, examine a brand showing significant growth in its audience. If they’ve succeeded in audience building within a particular avenue or social platform, make note and give it a go. The idea is to save yourself time and resources determining what works for your target audience and let them do the work for you.

Be Consistent (But Not Constant)

Access to a smartphone means access to an uninterrupted stream of content. From social posts to email lists users have forgotten to unsubscribe from, your audience sees a near-constant bombardment of content chosen by site-specific algorithms just for them. That means your content needs to stand up to your competitors – without going overboard.

We recommend a consistent but not round-the-clock content schedule. Each social media platform has a unique amount of optimal posts per day. For example, TikTok suggests 1-4 posts daily, while experts recommend posting on your Youtube channel around three times per week. 

Finding the email marketing sweet spot can be similarly tricky for many brands. While best practice may dictate a general rule for how many emails to send to new audiences and old, it also depends on your industry and user base.

When designing this part of your content strategy, it’s helpful to partner with content experts who understand the unique needs of different socials.

Build Relationships to Build Your Audience

With the right tools, everyone can create engaging content directed to the ideal audience. But past that, the right relationships can help you build an audience even faster – and the price of neglecting them can be huge. 

Influencers and creators are your best friends when it comes to audience building. They have the experience to know what works for your niche – and the expertise to execute it. Influencers also already have access to the audience you want to build on. All of that together gives them an exceptional return on investment for you and makes them the perfect tool for selecting content and sending it into the ether.

Spending time fostering a relationship with your target audience through engaging, consistent content and direct marketing campaigns is also essential. Referral programs and other tactics that focus on customer connection can be great resources for engaging with your current audience to establish a more significant audience, plus they let you know the type of content that works. Get new customers via old ones and build a large audience with the help of your devotees.

Add your partnerships with creators to your blooming relationship with your current users, and you can offer content that snags the audience of your dreams.

Create Content with a Built-In Audience Advantage

It’s no surprise that building an audience is integral to your success as a brand. But tackling the steps to get to a broader audience can be a challenge to do alone. Effectively choosing the types of content you’ll focus on, developing your content strategy, and executing on it is a full-time job.

Are you unsure of where to begin when it comes to planning and executing the content that will build your audience? Partner with First Media. We can help you reach users at every stage because we have already been interacting with your audience, understand quality content, and have the digital storytelling capabilities to create content that converts.

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