20 Resources That’ll Make You Better at Digital Marketing

We’re sharing 20 FREE resources to help you level up your digital marketing toolkit. Whether you’re running a PPC campaign, managing content marketing campaigns or simply looking to learn something new, you’ll benefit from these resources.

1. Neil Patel

To become better, we must seek out those who have already mastered what it is we are trying to improve. Neil Patel is an industry leader whose website is a one-stop treasure trove of great advice. The comprehensive blog and free training will boost your digital marketing skills, and the free resources offered to users include a backlink checker, keyword research and suggestions, and more. Whether you are looking to brush up on your knowledge of SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, or online marketing, Patel’s website should be your first stop.

2. Google Skillshop

It doesn’t take long as a digital marketer to learn that Google runs many of the most important and equally helpful tools to provide insight into marketing efforts. What you may not be aware of, is that Google provides free online product training and certifications for many of its beloved products so that you can improve your expertise and find more success as a digital marketer. Google Ads, Analytics Academy, Google My Business, and more are all available on the Skillshop platform.

3. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook is the leader in social media advertising so brushing up on your skills and expanding your understanding of the platform ensures you will move your business forward. Facebook Blueprint is a helpful resource that provides free courses and online training and certifications, so that you can improve your ad campaigns and get the most out of their marketing platforms.

4. Canva

This versatile design resource will quickly become one of the most important tools in your arsenal as a digital marketer. You name it, Canva will make it look professional. There are endless template options to choose from for all of your content needs – from next-level social infographics to landing page designs to presentations.

5. Unsplash

Many digital marketers do not have a budget for original brand photography or purchasing countless licensed images. Unsplash is the best royalty-free, stock image site available. They have beautiful images that are easily searchable and ready to compliment your marketing efforts in whatever format you need.

6. Remove.bg

Oftentimes digital marketers need a .png file in a pinch. Sometimes putting effort into cutting out the background of an image or graphic in Photoshop is time-consuming, and the return on investment for the time spent is not extremely high. Remove.bg will quickly allow you to accurately remove backgrounds from headshots or products, so that they can be repurposed on a website or graphic.

7. Hemingway Editor

You have a lot to say, but the attention span of your audience is short. Your writing needs to be as precise and effective as possible, in as few words as possible. Hemingway Editor is a free tool that promises to improve the readability of your writing, ensuring it is bold and clear. Strategizing engaging written content is essential for any marketing plan, and Hemingway Editor offers you a user-friendly option.

8. Grammarly

The fast pace of digital marketing today can sometimes mean a typo or two slip through into the final copy. Before hitting send or publish, Grammarly is a great resource to have installed on your system to proofread all your content. Avoiding the occasional typo will not only make your content better, but you will also seem more professional. Grammarly’s free alternative offers everything you need to perfect your content, but the site’s pricing options also allow you to upgrade for more thorough reviews.

9. Keywords Everywhere 

Digital marketers simultaneously understand the importance of SEO, but also that keyword research can be time-consuming. Keywords Everywhere turns your query on Firefox or Chrome into a list of possible related keywords, with just one search. Explore the functionality of Keywords Everywhere with simplified content optimization, preventing you from spending all of your valuable time on keyword research alone.

10. Answer the Public

Content currently rules, but from time-to-time digital marketers may find themselves asking questions about what their audience finds valuable. Answer the Public provides important insights into the most searched questions your customers have, leading to better customer relationships and more conversions for you. Be the one to provide them a great answer through your marketing efforts!

11. SimilarWeb

Competitor research is a valuable component of any digital marketing strategy. SimilarWeb empowers users to search and gain insights into any website’s statistics & strategy. You will become a better digital marketer by learning how the competition is leveraging content, paid search terms, and other key components of their website.

12. Built With

Paying attention to user experience (UX) on your website can pay dividends in the long-term if it is meaningful enough to convert visitors to customers. Built With allows digital marketers to analyze some of the best websites available, or investigate the competition’s website to identify ways to enhance your own.

13. MetaHashtags

Hashtags are an important tool for growing your audience on social media or connecting with potential customers. MetaHashtags produces quality hashtag suggestions with helpful metrics to ensure you get the right combination for your Instagram posts and other social accounts.

14. TikTok

TikTok is more than a platform for the latest dance trend. It is an under-the-radar knowledge base that every digital marketer should be leveraging to grow – both professionally and in business. Find a few industry leaders or marketing experts to follow, and soak up the tips and suggestions to improve your own skills. You can also use TikTok for content creation inspiration based on your competitors’ most engaging posts.

15. Google Search Console

After investing time into building your website, don’t forget to monitor its performance. Google Search Console is an invaluable digital marketing tool for the insight it can provide. While Google Analytics provides data on the audience interacting with your site, Google Search Console helps refine your visibility in SERPs. It is the best resource to understand where your website and its pages are appearing in search engines, what keywords are increasing traffic, and access crawl data, so that you can optimize your content and website.

16. SparkToro

Take the guesswork out of finding your target audience. With a simple search, SparkToro identifies your customers’ biggest influences and where to reach them. Saving you the headache of manual research on your target audience, the marketing automation from SparkToro is an excellent addition to your CRM toolkit. The best part is you can even analyze your competitors’ followers and audience to gain important insights to help you grow.

17. Hubspot Academy

Another great resource for online tutorials and digital marketing certifications is Hubspot Academy. Some of their popular courses include digital advertising, building a social media management strategy, developing efficient workflows, effective email marketing for ecommerce sites, and other digital marketing staples. If you’re looking to refine your small business’s content marketing strategy without breaking the bank, Hubspot Academy is a great place to start.

18. Sprout Social

Streamlining your social post planning, publishing, and reporting is possible with Sprout Social. Manage all of your social profiles from one convenient place and even on-the-go with Sprout’s functional mobile app. It offers management integrations for all the marketing channels you need, including socials like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Use the insights from their advanced reporting capabilities to learn ways to improve your strategy on social and connect with your audience.

19. Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook is the industry leader in social advertising because they have acquired lots of data on their customers. Audience Insights grants you access to this data and allows you to explore your target audience in greater depth with demographics overviews and other lifestyle traits. By leveraging this resource, your content will be optimized to connect with your existing customers and others like them.

20. Google Trends

We mentioned it before but the world moves fast and the best digital marketers need a quick and efficient way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news. Google Trends lets you know what the world is talking about at a glance, so you are able to comment on, share, or participate in timely topics that can get your business noticed.