Performance Marketing Solutions

We design, execute & create custom social media advertising that creates intent, and support it with the strength of our brands.

The Most Effective Toolkit for the DTC World

First Media Performance Marketing delivers you unparalleled scale with our in-house production, media purchasing efficiencies and real time reporting


First Media vs. Industry Benchmarks


lower CPM than industry standard


lower bounce rate


better add to cart rate, when compared to the standard

What We Deliver For
Our Partners

Industry-leading production capabilities and smart media buying strategies to create social media content that converts.

Media strategy & creative execution

Bigger scale

Higher conversions

Lower CPA

Better ROAS

Faster real time reporting

The First Media

We build audiences around interests, inspire them with ideas, and drive them to action.

Leverage First Media brand pages

Top visual storytellers

First Media studios

24/7 media buying execution


Data-driven strategy

Our Distribution

17 countries – content is adapted for geotargeting and translated into multiple languages


Factor Campaign

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