Elevating Your Ad Campaigns with the TikTok Ads Library

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Interested in making better use of the TikTok Ads Library for your ad campaigns? Learn to connect with your target audience and boost your marketing strategy.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen TikTok fulfill its promise of revolutionizing digital advertising for brand partners. As TikTok continues to grow – seeing billions of app installs – so do its effects on the social media marketing strategy of brands wise enough to utilize the network for awareness, growth, and new customers.

TikTok Top Ads is another evolution of the app’s significance for modern marketing. Offering insights and inspiration to help you quickly identify trends and better cater to your audience, the TikTok Ad Library is a feature designed to improve your experience as a business user on the app. Whether you’re the owner of an up-and-coming e-commerce business or a digital marketing specialist managing the needs of multiple brands, the TikTok Ad Library can offer content inspiration that can take your work to the next level.

What Is TikTok’s Ad Library?

The ad library tool, also called Top Ads, is a feature that lets TikTok users view and sort through the best-performing TikTok ad campaigns. 

TikTok isn’t the first app to offer a feature like this one. Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have similar features. The Facebook Ad Library, for example, showcases advertisements from the past seven years at any given time, all filterable by platform, popularity, and more.

Social media ad libraries – especially TikTok’s – are particularly beneficial for businesses because they help marketing teams engage with audiences more effectively. By using them to identify trends, you can create content for the target audience you want to reach more efficiently and with more power. Instead of starting an ad campaign with nothing but a product and a dream, brands can use the ad library to develop a campaign that helps them choose the right format, trends, hashtags, and content to leverage the TikTok algorithm and better engage with a target audience.

How to Use TikTok Ad Library

The Top Ads dashboard is accessible for any business TikTok account via the TikTok Creative Center, which you can find by opening the app or going to TikTok.com. There, you can scroll through the main ads on the page, filter to find a selection of top-performing ads that more accurately connect to your business, or even search by advertiser name.

The Ad Library lets you filter a few different ways to find the best ad examples for inspiration:

Ad Type: View the top-performing ads for a specific ad type to identify ad formats that work for brands like yours.

Region: Find all ads exclusively set in the U.S. or other regions to gain a better perspective on what is reaching your target audience in that area.

Industry: By centering your search on an industry, such as Food and Beverage, Games, or Home Building Materials, you can learn how competitors use TikTok advertising most successfully.

Time: You can filter the ads by popularity within the last seven or thirty days. Like all social media, TikTok is constantly changing, so it’s essential to make sure your new ads are up-to-date on current trends.

Performance: See analytics and performance metrics like Click-Through Rate (CTR), 6-second view rates, and impressions for specific formats to give you an idea of which TikTok video ads are hitting the marks you’d like to meet.

Using the Ad Library to Inform Your Ad Campaigns

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics of the ad library, you can explore how to use these high-performing ads as templates for your own ad creative. Getting inspiration from successful ads in your niche is a simple and efficient way to minimize your expenses and maximize the function of your ads on a social media app as valuable and widely used as TikTok.

1. Define Campaign Objectives

Like any marketing campaign, outlining the objective before beginning the creative work is key. When accessing TikTok’s Ad Library, defining your goal before surveying competitor ads will ensure the optimization of your campaign goals and prevent you from wasting time sorting through videos that don’t meet your needs.

2. Use Filters to Your Advantage

Filters can give you a better idea of what approaches are effective. It can also help you understand your idea’s appearance on different devices. Study the best ads for brands that target your users and see what kind of content is racking up video views. Check-in regularly to keep an eye on developing trends.

The performance measure is also your friend. Ads that generate more brand awareness may differ from ads that have high click-through rates or ones that result in more landing page visits.

3. Understand TikTok Best Practices

TikTok is an exciting marketing app, but it isn’t always intuitive. Familiarizing yourself with the best strategies can ensure that your content is relevant, appropriate, and profitable. At First Media, we’ve studied what works on TikTok to develop an approach that benefits from the app’s value. Our case studies show how important it is for campaigns to incorporate influencers, generate relevant organic content, and how trends and hashtag challenges can be your best friend.

4. Use Your Analytics

TikTok has more features than just the ad library. TikTok Ads Manager makes it easy to see all your ads in one place and explore their success – and it’s where you’ll launch your campaign. Use the ad library to find inspiration, then head to the ads manager to choose your ad format, explore the Commercial Content Library for licensed sound and visual effects, find your target audience, pick ad placements, and optimize and track your campaign.

When possible, add off-app analytics, like First Media’s Comments Analysis Tool (CAT). CAT automatically analyzes thousands of comments and their sentiment to help you gain meaningful insights for your ad campaigns. By combining TikTok’s ad analytics with external capabilities, you can better understand the power of your marketing campaigns.

Expand with First Media’s TikTok Strategy and Tools

The ad library is just one of the many ways to improve your TikTok marketing strategy. As a brand on TikTok, you’ve got a world of engaged users and exciting tools at your fingertips. 

At First Media, we’ve explored TikTok’s ins and outs to discover an unbeatable marketing strategy that combines the app’s value, our industry expertise, and our tools with our brands’ offerings.