Charles Gabriel has effectively led early stage tech start-ups and scaled revenue inside of large matrixed organizations, with a strong global network across US, UK and APAC within media companies, agency networks, publishers and tech companies.  Always with his "sleeves rolled up" leadership style, he is a firm believer in being the most prepared person in the room, with his high energy style and endless hustle providing inspiration to anyone he engages with. Gabriel has led sales and strategy efforts at major companies and media conglomerates such as Maker Studios and AOL’s video business, joining AOL in 2010 through the acquisition of 5min Media, where he had been VP of sales. He also previously worked as a business development exec at Broadband Enterprises, Indymac Bank and GE Money, a division of GE Consumer Finance.

Originally from CT and having spent 8 years in NYC, Charles currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters. He spends his free time cycling, meditating and reading. Also a passionate soccer fan and former college athlete, Charles applies his training regiment to his business and driven to win. When not competing in sport or career, he loves to travel with his family and is a wine enthusiast.